Is cosmic consciousness, or Truth, a matter of perspective and self-taught?

63Sir, can Truth be a point of view? To hold any perspective, a point of view, would mean there is more than way to look at something, is it not? If one chooses to view life through one particular angle, that is certainly a very limited angle, is it not? It does not and cannot be the whole. Anything which is one-sided, operates in the limited field, because, it involves thought. An opinion, a point of view, all these are nothing more than thought. And, thought is Time, it can only ever operate in time and space. That is, thought, which takes you back in memory to something in the past, holding you prisoner to that experience, which influences your opinions and conditionings, and meeting the present moment always, based on that opinion. Or, thought, based on past, projecting into future, is it not? Can there ever be a movement of thought, that is not in time? If there are no psychological memories of you whatsoever, that is, none of your experiences in the past have made an impression in your memory, let’s say, can thought have a past to operate from or a future to project? Therefore, anything that operates in psychological time is a projection of thought, is it not? And, if one were to think of Truth as such and such, surely, that is a projection of thought too. It is, Truth, according to what thought tells you it is, whether it your own projection, or another’s projection, it is merely a projection of thought. If Truth, is that, which is eternal, can it operate in time and space?  That is, can it have anything to do with psychological time as past, present and future? Ego, which is the self, has a past, present and future. Whereas, Truth which is timeless, and therefore eternal, can it have anything to do with time? Therefore, it is for one to find out for oneself, through inquiry, and contemplation, into the nature of oneself, in other words, one’s own thought process, is it not? Afterall, if thought is not, you are not. That is, thought which arises as a result of memory, gives you a sense of having been there and done that. If there are no memories, there is no thought and if there is no thought, what does self mean? But one must take care not to answer that too quickly and find out, leaving aside all of what one has heard, read, experienced etc. Because experience too, physical or metaphysical, is in the field of thought, because to have an experience, you must there to record that experience, is it not?

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