Can we live a life of a minimalist in this modern era?

64Sir, what is minimalism to you? Is it having fewer material possessions? Should one not decide what is important and what is superfluous in one’s life by themselves? Why does one think in terms of minimalism, anyway? If one had what one needed, and left out those that does take away the things that mattered to them, is one not automatically, living a life of a minimalist? What does one strive for, afterall? Isn’t it happiness, something that makes one’s life complete, to have a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment, that one wants really? Time with one’s family, good health, a career that one enjoys, good organic lifestyle, involving in a worthy cause – aren’t these what one considers to be idealistic these days? Why?

Has the society become so materially driven that it has lost track of what matters to it any longer? Does one need more than one car in a family, does one need, any at all? Would it not make life much more easier and simpler if one were to be car free, and if one can take an alternative means of commuting? If one were to let go of all that, which is, an unnecessary excess, would it not give one a sense of freedom? If one journeyed through life lighter, there isn’t a burden to weigh one down, is it not? There is great freedom from fear, from losing what one has, freedom from anxiety, freedom from guilt, freedom from comparison – he has this, but mine is better etc, freedom from the consumerism, basically, which we, as a society, have let into our lives, to define, and, take over, everything that matters to us, as a people. Isn’t it time, one decides one’s own rules, instead of letting what society dictates to be happiness or fulfillment, derived through things, as opposed to, through life itself?

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