How do I clean my consiousness from past experiences and become a fresh consiousness?

60Sir, what is consciousness? Is it something that is just there making all actions possible? When you ask, how does one cleanse one’s consciousness from past experiences?, you imply in that question, that consciousness is a storehouse of memories, is it not? In the second part of the question, you seem to imply that there is consciousness  with its memories and then, there is you, that is apart from it. If, consciousness, according to you, is just something out there, making, all actions possible, as well as, serving, as a storehouse of memories, then, what is your role in action? If, on the other hand, you think it is you who is responsible for all actions, then does your consciousness serve you merely as a storehouse of memories? One is hurt by another when one was 20 years old, and that is retained in consciousness as a memory, one ventured into a business at 25, which turned out sour and one feels a failure, and one retains that in one’s memories, one has enjoyed a great time with another at 28, and that is a memory too, one was insulted by a colleague at work when one was 26, and that is retained  as a memory too. The sum total of one’s consciousness therefore, is all of one’s memory, which in turn influences one’s thinking, one’s perceptions, one’s ideas, one’s fears, one’s hopes, one’s emotions, one’s feelings, one’s conditioning, one’s culture, one’s traditions, one’s prejudices etc. And all this constitutes one’s psychological knowledge, and this knowledge, this conditioning, is what lends a personality to me, as “me”, is it not? Suppose one never retained any memories, what meaning will the “me” have? What would one’s experiences in life, such as pain, suffering, humiliation, anger, heartbreak, pleasure, failure, success, beautiful, ugly etc, mean? And if the “me”, doesn’t exist in isolation from memory, what does consciousness mean to you? Therefore, your consciousness is you, is it not?

Consciousness is its content, and its contents are memories and knowledge of you, and your memories and knowledge, is what gives continuity to you as a “being”, as the “me”. I remember I was there and therefore, I am; I suffered, therefore, I know; I loved, therefore, I feel; isn’t this what, you call, past experiences? But the past is the sum total of you. In other words, “you” are your memory, and your memory is the content of your consciousness, and your consciousness, therefore, is you, stored as a memory over time. Therefore, to ask how to cleanse it and become a new consciousness, would be the same as removing partially those memories that are undesirable and retaining partially those that are desirable, is it not? In other words, one thinks, memory, which makes up the “me”, can be removed in half, and retained in half. Can you be half gone and half remain? Does one see the futility of this? To remove the painful memories, would mean, the pleasurable ones, would have to go with it too. The very mechanism that makes pain possible would pleasure possible too, is it not? You, who are derived from your memory, only continue to exist, for as long as there are memories give continuity to you. If there are no memories, then, there is no “you” either. In other words, if there are no memories,  what remains of you, to assert your existence, as a psychological “being”? Not physically. Ofcourse, you have a physical body and that will continue to be for as long as it does, but I am referring, to you, the psychological being, the you, with all your painful past, and the pleasant past. What happens to you? If there is no you, what meaning has your past, sir?

One thought on “How do I clean my consiousness from past experiences and become a fresh consiousness?

  1. Yes it will stay in your DNA the…what you can do to change your consiousness to engage in spiritual practices like –
    Physical exercises

    you can always rewire your brain patterns

    Peace and love ❤


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