How do you invite new people into your life?

58aTo embrace anything new, one must let go of the old, is it not? The new is the unknown and the old is the known. Can that which is unknown ever be invited? One can replace one for another, have a new person, take up a new hobby, visit a new place, wear a new dress, read a new book, move to a new place, watch a new movie, build a new house, and so on. Is one seeking “new” in the sense of a replacement? Or is one seeking something that is completely and totally fresh, something that remains ever new, full of vitality, in which, seeking for anything, never arises?

Everything that I know, is my past, which includes, my memories, my experiences, my suffering, my pain, my anger, my hurts, my wounds, my traditions, and so on. And all this is part of my knowledge stored in memory. This knowledge shapes and influences your perception and interactions with the world, is it not? One’s relationship with the world and society reflects, this knowledge. I, relate to you, based on the image, I have of you. You, relate to your friend, based on the image of have him. That is, my knowledge tells me, that I should trust him or not trust him, is it not? Therefore, one relates to everything from one’s past images. The relating is with the image, over and over. One has been hurt before, one doesn’t like a particular trait, one has a strong opinion on right and wrong, one is fearful, one is fearless, and so on. And all these have their roots in your knowledge.

One has had many an experience in one’s life, and one keeps adding it to one’s knowledge, by recalling it, over and over, in time. One never realizes that one merely keeps recycling one’s past, in this process. Can one ever find anything new, when one is full of the old? Your memories give continuity to your past, and your past is what makes you, you. That is, the sum total of you, the ‘being’, is your past. Therefore, to come upon that which is new, one must let go of all that, which is the old. One must let go all of one’s past, which is one’s psychological memories, which is one’s knowledge. And if there are no memories, no recalling of the old, what gives continuity to the past? If there is no past, there is no knowledge. If there is no knowledge, there is no projection into the future either, is it not? I have been hurt before, and I don’t want to get hurt again. You follow? That is, if the sum total of you, that makes you, you, is not there, what happens? What is the state or quality of such a mind that carries no burden of the past, no memories, or images, whatsoever. How does such a mind relate to the world? Think about it.

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