Is the human self nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain?

56Thought which is but a physical and chemical function of the brain. is a response of memory. It responds to memory by reflecting/imitating, the contents of memory. The “sense” of “I”, not perception, is a creation of thought. Thought never having acknowledged itself to be mechanical, took itself for a living and creative entity and seeing its impermanence created a centre, the “I”, or the ego, or the self, which unites or holds together everything around it. The act of perception which brings about clarity and unity of everything, makes thought imitate itself to be this perception and it attributes a perceiver/the self or centre. Just the way, Sun being the centre around which all planets revolve, the centre being the entity which radiates out to everything else around it. Thought by itself keeps on changing, it is merely mechanical, but to keep it alive, it must attribute the memories of pain and pleasure to this centre, to give this centre continuity. When thought has invented a centre, it attributes various qualities to this centre, for instance, such as thinking, feeling, and, if there pain it will attribute pain to this centre or if there is pleasure it will attribute this pleasure to the centre. Therefore it becomes alive. Suffering arises there when pain is attributed to the centre, is it not? Otherwise pain would merely be physical or in thought as memory, is it not? But when the memory of pain is attributed to a centre, it becomes something bigger than mere memory. In other words, the physical pain would be a mere memory but there would be no psychological suffering if not for the centre. When one feels the centre is going, one feels the whole world around him is collapsing, is it not? Thought has given tremendous importance to itself not knowing its own mechanical nature and has created this sense of being/centre, which is nothing more than thought itself. Thought has attributed to itself this centre, as though, the centre and thought are different. And in order to maintain this fragment, naturally thought must break up everything else into fragments too, is it not? For example, there is the endless conflict of opposites created by thought. Pleasure and pain, good and bad, happiness and sadness etc. When one sees this, which is the whole perception, what meaning has self, sir?

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