How do we realize cosmic consciousness?

55Why does one want to realize cosmic consciousness? What is cosmic consciousness? Is it a higher consciousness, another dimension of reality? How does one relate to any notion of “cosmic” in one’s own consciousness? Is it the universe consisting of all planets and galaxies, or is it all of creation? What is it that tells you of such a consciousness? What prompts that inquiry and why? Must one not first inquire into what is consciousness as opposed to consciousness of another dimension? Consciousness is just consciousness, surely, whether it is yours or mine, just the same way, suffering is suffering, whether it is your suffering or mine, is it not? So, let’s begin our inquiry into consciousness first, shall we?

What is consciousness, sir? What does it mean to you? Does consciousness mean, all that which you are conscious of? Does it also include all that which you are unconscious of, but which, can be known? Does it mean something sacred to you, as in a God, a silent witness, a controller, or creator, who is watching all of one’s good deeds and bad deeds? What is it and how did it come about? What makes you conscious of anything? There is the physical body and world of objects, of which you are aware of, because of sensations. And you are conscious of all that, which is not, in the physical dimension of reality, by way of memories, is it not? Your experiences of yesterdays, your opinions, your ideas, your hopes, your fears, your perceptions, your prejudices, your conditionings, your traditions, your accomplishments, your concepts, your notions of what is and what should be, your faith, your beliefs, etc. All these belong to you and comes to define you as a person, a personality. These, form your psychological identity, as a person, as a being, is it not? What happens to you the being, the person, the personality, if you didn’t recall any of your psychological identities?

Suppose, you held no opinions, no prejudices, no anger, no hatred, no hurt, no injury, no fears, no beliefs, no traditions, no conditioning, no ideas or concepts, from your yesterdays, what will you be conscious of? In other words, if there are no memories, not in the sense of suffering amnesia, but, in the sense of no recording of experiences, and nothing to recall, what will your identity be? Will you have an identity at all? If you say, then I will be pure consciousness, then am afraid, your conditioning is so deeply rooted, that you are still clinging on to a notion of something, whether that be pure consciousness or God, or Brahman, or whatever. Which means, you are still conscious of you, the being, as such and such, is it not? The being, derives its continuity, only through notions and concepts, and memories of itself. In other words, all the psychological identities that make up a being, is the content of the being. And its content is the extent to which the being is conscious of, which is limited. Therefore, it yearns for consciousness of something else which is higher, and it creates ideas of God, Brahman etc., and distorts it further by adding it to its past. Does one see that?

The content of consciousness, is the being’s consciousness. Now, what is a being, if there is no content? That is, if the memories of all its psychological identities, are not there, there is no content. And, if there is no content, what is consciousness? For as long as there is the consciousness of the being, with all its crowded psychological identities, for as long as the being derives its continuity from its past, how can the mind know? Therefore, one must begin to inquire, probe deeply, to find out for oneself, not listen to another, tell you what is cosmic consciousness, or God or whatever.

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