What is the substance of “you”? What are you made up of? If you will listen without any preconceived notions or judgments, you will be capable of seeing for yourself the fact of it. You consist of your memories, experiences, perceptions, prejudices, etc, are you not? Is there anything other than these that gives you a definition? I am not referring to your physical body with a name tag as Smith or Johnson. I am referring to this “being” within that thinks, feels, and experiences. It is this being that you refer to as living in the past surely, not your body, isn’t it? So, what can you do now that can set you free from the clutches of your overpowering past?  Do you see, actually see, that “You” are the sum total of your past. The experiences, the perceptions, the feelings, the suffering, the pain, opinions, judgments, prejudices, is the sum total of you. It is in the recollection of these as memories, that there is continuity to you, as a being, is it not? If thought never recollected any of these, what are you left with? Nothing, just a clear clean slate of mind, with crystal clarity. Please, if you would pay complete attention to what is being said here, you will face the fact of You. Time is you. There is no other “you” besides what memory holds of you over Time. Any attempts you may make to change yourself will remain useless unless you face this fact of “You”. That which changes in time is prone to change in time, over and over. Does one see that? One thinks that one has changed, has moved on in life. Yet, one feels as empty and bereft as one did before, when, yet again, life has dealt one severely, is it not? If you counted on Time, to become emotionally stronger, happier, enlightened, transformed, fully healed etc., you will find that, that remains elusive. If the healing doesn’t take place now immediately, within, by itself, time will not heal you. If the change doesn’t happen now, when your mind actually sees this fact at this moment, time cannot bring about that change in you. If you have not released yourself from the clutches of you, upon seeing this fact, you will find yourself living your past over and over. Afterall, you are your past, put together by memories over time. Therefore, time is you. Think about it.

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