Is life worth living when it ceases to be entertaining?

quora-5Why does one need to be entertained? Life is an activity, a constant state of doing, living, is it not? It is only in the present moment that living can take place. When one says, there is no entertainment in my life, is it worth living anymore?, has one actually asked what would make life more entertaining? If one lives one’s life consciously, with full awareness, participating in its drama, each moment, is there room for boredom? Is entertainment excitement, happiness, adventure? In other words, is it a recreational activity, that one escapes into, to get away from the daily humdrum? Or is one seeking that constant recreation to stay excited, thrilled, so one feels alive? But one is alive, here and now, is it not? Yet, there is that constant feeling within that pulls and pushes one in different directions. Has one ever questioned this feeling, why it feels dead, while it is alive? Why does it seek any escape at all? Is the feeling different from you, the being? Or, is the feeling, the being? In other words, what gives you a sense of being there? It is a feeling of being within, that gives you a sense of existence, as a being, is it not? Has one’s life become so dull, so valueless, so empty, so hopeless, that one doesn’t know what to do with oneself? Or is one seeking a constant escape from oneself? Your feeling tells you, “I am bored, let me go do something exciting, or I am worthless, it is not living, I am a failure, I am a success, I am this, I am that etc., endlessly, is it not? And in all this endless mental chatter, one never asks oneself, “who am I?”.

One never wonders, if there is such a thing that is not in constant conflict with itself. You are happy one moment, and the next minute you are raging with anger over something. The peace and quiet of the previous moment disappears in a flash. One moment you are compassionate and the next you are inconsiderate, one moment you are hurt and the next you are happy. Yet, one never acknowledges the inner conflicts that exist in oneself. The feeling within, avoids itself carefully, deflecting the attention away from itself, from what it really is, to what it should be instead, is it not? The feeling is the being. The feeling is You. And who are you? Have you ever asked yourself this, “Who am I, actually? What am I made up of?”. What gives me the feeling of “me”? Is it my personality, my accomplishments, my relationships, my profession, my friends, my enemies, my hobbies, my opinions, my hopes, my fears, my anxieties, my insecurities, my wealth, my knowledge, my education, my jealousies, my prejudices, my race, my religion, my beliefs, my experiences etc? I have derived my identity as “me”, the being, from all of these, is it not? And all this is the known, that is, my identity is established from the known. And the known is the past. I am therefore, a sum total of my past. If, I am, my past, what gives continuity to me, as a being, in the present? The very things that make up the “me”, is what gives continuity to me, through my memories over time. And if I never recalled any of my memories, what meaning has “me”, the being? If one simply lived in the newness of each moment, what meaning has dullness or excitement?

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