Can the physical world exist without consciousness?


Sir, to keep things easy and for the sake of clarity, shall we call all that the thought creates as reality? Physical objects which are also a product of thought, though an actuality, that is, though it has an actual physical existence independently of thought to some extent, is equally a part of this reality because to some extent, how one perceives the physical objective world and objects, would depend on one’s own background of experiences and perceptions, is it not? A table is a physical object, and therefore has an existence independently outside of thought, and to that extent, it is an actuality. Yet, it is also a product of thought, and to that extent, it is a part of reality too, is it not? If one were to take away, all that is left of this reality, including the psychological self/ the “me or ego”, what remains? When one’s mind is empty, one’s thoughts ceases. In that cessation, there is the cessation of me, the ego, is it not? What is left of my consciousness if the content of the “me” ceases? My content includes, my experiences, feelings, emotions, ideas, opinions, perceptions, prejudices, desires, love, hatred, anger, jealousy, successes, failures, fears, anxieties etc. This is what defines me as a person, is it not? If all this is removed from my consciousness, what am I left with? In other words, if you removed the “I” from your consciousness, what is left? Emptiness, Nothingness, Silence. And in that emptiness there is a tremendous expanding energy. But that source of creation itself can never be a creation for it to be grasped by the mind.

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