To be free from the self, is true freedom

To be free from the self/the “me”, is freedom. To be free from the self, one must know what the self is, is it not? One knows oneself to exist, to be there, because, there is the constant thought or feeling of “being”. All of one’s thoughts centers around this being, “I”. And this being exists because it has experiences, it can feel, it has opinions, perspectives, prejudices, memories, ideas, hopes, fears, anxieties, beliefs, concepts, faith etc. All this is the known, the past knowledge of oneself, therefore one says, I know myself. Therefore, the sum total of one’s past is what makes up a being, is it not? Thought keeps recalling every thing stored in one’s past from memory, which in turn continues to give this “being/I”, a sense of existence over time. Therefore, any movement of thought in time, gives continuity to this being. If there was no movement of thought in time, there is no continuity to this being. The past is the self/the being/the I, and thought which is an outward expression of memory, is nothing other than this self. It is merely a mechanical instrument, and serves no other purpose. When one realizes this, one understands that, if thought ceases, the being ceases. And if thought ceases, what meaning has one’s past?, that is, all of one’s psychological memories, which includes, one’s pain, anxieties, hurt, anger, hatred, prejudices, concepts, ideas, opinions, hopes, fears, judgments, desires. All of these psychological memories belong to a being that has no existence in isolation from one’s thought. When one sees this for oneself, one knows that thought has put together this psychological being over time through memories, and that, the thought is the being, the thought is the “I”. Thought, which by its very nature, divides and fragments, has created, an entity, a being, that supposedly integrates together everything in a field that is fragmentary. The very first thought is that of the first personal pronoun, “I”, and then there is the thought of “you” immediately, is it not? Thought is divisive in nature, because it revolves around this “I”, every thought that arises in one, arises from this very centre. Whether, it is a good thought or bad thought, everything that arises in thought divides and separates. Hence there is always the conflict of opposites in the field of thought, because the very centre from which thought arises, is self-centred, in the “I”. When thought sees its own absurdity, it sets itself free. Only then, can there be order, in the way it functions.


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